Teppan Lunch Buffet $12.99 (EVERYDAY)

11:30 to 3:00PM everyday

Quality Teppan Grill Food cook on-site: Steak, Chicken, Korean BBQ, Shrimp, Salmon, Calamari, Tilapia

Served with hibachi vegetable, miso Soup and Steam or Fried Rice.
Includes All You Can Eat selected Rolls, Salads, Appetizers and Dessert

Roll: Fresh Rolls, Deep Fry Rolls, and Bake Rolls
Appetizer: Edamame, Shrimp/Calamari/Vegitable Tempuras, Gyoza, Jalapeno Bomb, Yakisoba
Salad Bar: House salad, Sashimi Salad and Seaweed Salad
Dessert: Soft serve Ice Cream